Teenage Drug Abuse – Hallucinogens and the Alteration of the State of Mind

Hallucinogens and related substances are part of a class of drugs called psychoactive drugs. These are so called because they act on the mind of the person using the drug, which may affect in varying degrees the perceptions, emotions, thoughts, as well as the level of consciousness of the person Dose Therapy.

These alter the state of mind of the person in that they perceive something as another object entirely, and may connect other ideas and bizarre and seemingly unconnected ways. Unlike stimulants that increase the capacity of the mind to receive stimuli, this class of drugs instead change the way that a stimulus is translated by the brain.

Based on the alterations to how signals being sent to the brain are received, the drug user’s emotions will also be affected accordingly, and will react quite differently while under the influence of the drug taken. Hallucinogenic drugs are known to give individuals a feeling of being detached from reality.

The chemicals found in hallucinogens make drug users have a sense of distorted reality. Peyote cactus and psilocybin mushrooms produce visions that are not normally seen by individuals who are not users of hallucinogens. The effects of an “LSD” trip may vary depending on the amount taken, the environment, the individual’s tolerance of the drug and the current mood of the drug user.

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